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Founders's Story

Omar Mohamed and Abdi Mohamed are the founders of 1826 Academy, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing inner city and immigrant youth communities with access to quality soccer training, academic assistance, and mentorship programs.

Growing up, Omar and Abdi were passionate about soccer and played the ...

Soccer Academy

Mission Statement

18x26 is a community-based soccer academy dedicated to providing comprehensive support to minority and African immigrant youth. We are committed to offering high-quality soccer training, academic assistance, and mentorship programs. Our aim is to empower these young athletes to develop their ...

Semi Pro Team

After providing individual and team trainings to many young talented players in twin cities, 18x26 Academy embarked its journey in Semi Pro Soccer. Ready to showcase their talents while being faced with limited pathway opportunities to play College Soccer or high level soccer, we have decided to create Semi ...

The High School

The Mission of the 18x26 academy team is to identify, support, empower the most promising soccer players ages18 and under in Minnesota, particularity players from underserved communities who aspire to continue playing at competitive level beyond their age.

Our Key Objectives For The Team:

-Accelerated ...

Hassan Gabo

Hassan is the first ever 18x26 Academy Athlete to sign a professional contract. Hasan Gabo signed 2 year deal with Greenville Triumph currently playing in USL league One after representing Somali U20 In the 2022 Arab Cup. He was one of the most standout players in the tournament. 

"First and foremost, all praise ...

The staff

Amin Qasim

Head Coach

Ahmed Mohamed

Assistant Coach

Youth Coach

Abdirahman Shariff Hassan 


Donate now

Our mission is helping children living in underserved communities reach their full potential by providing high quality soccer programs. we are committed to providing these programs as affordable as possible knowing that soccer is an expensive sport. for us to provide almost free programs, we are relying on your donations and support to make this happen.

18x26 Academy is a registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to 18x26 Academy are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 

Your donation will transform so many players and more coaches into life-long mentors. You can create more spaces for kids to be themselves, boost their confidence, and form friendships - not just for a season but for life.

  • $1000: Sponsor a youth program like Soccer Starters, Tournaments, Camps, and Clinics, providing opportunities for skill development, teamwork, and fun.
  • $500: Outfit an entire team with player kits and field equipment, ensuring every player has the necessary gear to thrive on the field.
  • $200: Provide coaching with a curriculum, training, and resources to positively impact at least 100 students per school year, empowering them to reach their full potential.
  • $100: Enroll a child in a season of our Soccer Starters program, introducing them to the beautiful game and fostering a love for soccer.
  • $25: Provide gear and soccer equipment for a player in the 18x26 Academy Somalia, giving them the tools they need to pursue their passion for soccer.

Every Donation, no matter the size or amount plays a crucial role in Supporting our mission of making soccer accessible. Together, we can create real opportunities of growth, inspire dreams, and build a stronger more inclusive community through Soccer.

Questions? Please contact us at 1[email protected]

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