Community Partners

Nubian Lap

Nubian Lap: Elevating Style, Empowering Dreams

Nubian Lap, Minnesota's premier barbershop, is our exclusive sponsor for the 2023 season. Beyond fresh haircuts, they share our commitment to excellence on and off the field, reflecting in the precision of their grooming and the caliber of our players.

Their support isn't just about style; it's a shared journey towards excellence in appearance and performance. Nubian Lap's belief in our team's potential and dedication to community empowerment make them an invaluable partner.

Thanks to Nubian Lap, our players step onto the field with added style, confidence, and a collective identity, making a lasting impact in our pursuit of excellence.

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Moshan Sports

Official Jersey Manufacturer

Moshan Sports, our jersey manufacturer, is a renowned sportswear brand recognized for delivering high-quality, modern gear. Their commitment to excellence ensures our team always looks clean and fresh on the field

Afro Deli


Afro Deli is a fusion restaurant that weaves together business, community, and culture. We are a social enterprise that offers freshly made African, Mediterranean, and American themed food in a fast, fun, and friendly environment. 

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Zizi Boutique

ZIZI Boutique is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is fashion forward boutique specializing in modest & trendy collections. It was co-founded in 2016 by Baqliis Hersi, a Somali-American and self taught fashion designer based in Minneapolis who has been involved in Fashion for over 15 years.


Welcome to Zawadi Center

Where Distinctive Spaces Redefine Excellence

At Zawadi Center, we understand that a fulfilling life encompasses both work and leisure. That's why we've meticulously crafted a multifaceted space that harmoniously integrates business, relaxation, and family-friendly experiences. From versatile workspaces to delightful dining and engaging play areas, Zawadi Center is your one-stop destination for all your needs.

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