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After providing individual and team trainings to many young talented players in twin cities, 18x26 Academy embarked its journey in Semi Pro Soccer. Ready to showcase their talents while being faced with limited pathway opportunities to play College Soccer or high level soccer, we have decided to create Semi professional team that is dedicated to foster their needs and help the gap between youth soccer and adult soccer. 

We played our 1st season in the UPSL(largest and most competitive pro-development league in North America with nearly 400 clubs competing nationwide) in 2023, and had outstanding overall record of of (9wins, 2D, and one playoff loss)

The success of the UPSL season was a testament to undeniable believe in our players abilities if given the right environment to success at any level. 

At 18x26 Academy, the goal is more than just soccer, is to become a hub for underserving players in our community to reach for their dreams without any limits. 

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