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The Mission of the 18x26 academy team is to identify, support, empower the most promising soccer players ages18 and under in Minnesota, particularity players from underserved communities who aspire to continue playing at competitive level beyond their age.

Our Key Objectives For The Team:

-Accelerated development-providing a community team that accelerates the growth and development of players year round preparing them for collegiate soccer and beyond

Enhanced competition: Offering a high level competition in trainings, and games that challenges and elevate their game

Financial accessibility : Addressing financial barriers by supporting players especially those who may find it hard to afford or justify the costs associated with high level competitive soccer

Intense specialized trainings: Providing intense specialized trainings by pro licensed coaches, and professional players ensuring all players benefit from the expertise and knowledge of professionals dedicated to their development.

Professional player mentorship: Facilitating free mentorship support from professionals who share valuable insights, guidance creating a dynamic relationship that nurtures both skills development and strong sense of community.

Navigating the soccer system: Assist players, especially those from underserving communities, who feel lost within the US soccer system, providing guidance to help gain a pathway on their soccer journey

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