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Mission Statement

18x26 is a community-based soccer academy dedicated to providing comprehensive support to minority and African immigrant youth. We are committed to offering high-quality soccer training, academic assistance, and mentorship programs. Our aim is to empower these young athletes to develop their skills, achieve academic success, and reach their full potential both on and off the field.

Vision Statement

Inspiring the next generation of Soccer Players to achieve their dreams in an academy well-suited to foster their needs on and off the field.

1826 Academy through the years

2019: Our Founders Omar Mohamed And Abdi Mohamed were called to the somali national football for it's 2022 World Cup qualifiers Against Zimbabwe.

2020: After the Success with the Somali national team, and it's overwhelming support around the world. A new generation of players were inspired and wanted to reach a level beyond Youth Sports. After responding to many young players on social media, the idea of 18x26 Academy was born. With Covid halting their careers briefly, 2021 Winter Camp in Mn was put into action.

2021: 18x26 Academy Showcase: free 2 day camp for close to 30 high school players to train with Omar, and Abdi.

2021: First high School Summer Camp In Minnesota: Two free day camp for high players to showcase their talent

2021: Turkey Trip: 20 of the best young players in United States and Canada for oversees trip and scrimmages against professional teams. the goal of this trip to provide a first hand experience in the professional world, platform to be scouted, and experience a journey of lifetime.

2022: Free individual and group trainings for high school players

2022: High School Eid tournament

2022: Somali U-20 Camp

2022: 18x26 Academy Somalia was born headed by Coach Said Ali, and Saynab: 2 Youth teams

2022: 18x26 Academy Semi Pro Team was born after failing to provide our players with adequate teams, and opportunities to play beyond youth levels.

2023: UPSL Season began at St Louis park Stadium

2023: Season Champions with the record of (8W, 2D,) and playoff record of (1W, 1L)

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