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Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is led by Abdi Mohamed and Abdelhakim ‘kimo’ Ismail. We focus on having monthly meetings with our athletes who are currently playing at a collegiate and beyond. We also offer weekly/bi-weekly individual meetings for our athletes. The reason for this is to allow them to have a sense of guidance and to feel like a family since they are all over the United States and even some of them being away from home for the first time. And so, we allow them to connect with us and share anything they want to share. The main focus in these meetings usually are performance based but we also help set routines so they can manage their hectic class, training, and professional schedules. Somethings that we offer our players in this program range of benefits and opportunities for both mentors and mentee. Those include the following; career guidance, goal setting and planning, feedback and evaluation (i.e 1-on-1 film sessions), exposure to the industry, access to resources, psychological support and many more. Some of these takeaways are highlighted within our testimonials from a few of our mentees! Our program also allows our mentees to schedule one on one meetings with either Abdi and Kimo so they can benefit from both of our experience and pick our brain about anything that relates to what they are inquiring about! For more information on our Mentorship Program, email us at [email protected]

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